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The dust has now settled from the tectonic shifts at the ANU School of Music. For those who did not feel the earthquake from its epicentre in Canberra, the shock arrived on 2 May, 2012, when all positions in the department were declared vacant in an epically mismanaged ‘spill and fill.’ The then... more

I grew up in a house without music. In suburban Melbourne in the 1960s, we had a spindly-legged (black and white) TV whose blondewood finish matched the polished floorboards and the spindly-legged lounge suite. The décor was modernist but we had no radio or a record player. At the time, the ‘... more

I can remember the first time a cultural discussion paper had that effect on me and those around me—the first was when David Throsby and Devon Mills’ When are you going to get a real job?: an economic study of Australian artists emerged as a research report for the Australia Council in 1989. The... more

Cultural Capital: The Rise and Fall of Creative Britain by Robert Hewison review – a Faustian pact David Edgar writes in the Guardian Weekly 16.01.15 Photo: Tony Blair examines a model of the Millennium Dome in 1998. Photograph: Sean Dempsey/PA Archive/Press Association Images Should some... more

Currency Press and Currency House have co-published an Ebook on Rolf de Heer by Jane Freebury DANCING TO HIS SONG - details HERE Watch Rolf de Heer talk about his work with Nick Parsons below.