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Currency Companion to Music and Dance in Australia

Currency Companion to Music and Dance in Australia
General editors: John Whiteoak & Aline Scott-Maxwell

An extraordinary compendium of every aspect of music and dance making before and since white settlement.

270 contributors, 700,000 words, 736 pages, 14,000 index entries.


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'I can't wait to get my hands on it. A quick look at the contents, which places Football Songs next to Free Jazz, give you some idea of its open-mindedness. It serves a much-needed purpose in informing us about many kinds of Australian music and dance missed by other reference books. Highly recommended.' Lucky Oceans, ABC broadcaster.

'No reference book like this one, which covers aspects of dance from Indonesian traditions to choreography, classical ballet, rock-and-roll and belly dancing, has been published in Australia before. It's an extraordinary achievement. ' Garry Stewart, Choreographer Click here to read more reviews!

Cased edition, 736 pages. 

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