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The Cost of Cultural Ambition Panel

THURSDAY 1 September at the Brisbane Powerhouse at 6pm

The Queensland recipient of Currency House's Cultural Leadership Mentorship, Jeremy Neideck, will present his case, followed by a panel session with Joon-Yee Kwok, chaired by Jeremy’s mentor Judith Mclean.

Event is free but bookings are essential. RSVP to by 29th August



Jeremy Neideck


There are no shortcuts to meaningful and sustained engagement in the arts. This holds true whether we are talking about connections between artists, or connections between artists and their audiences. Sure, you may believe in love at first sight, but what comes after that is the unavoidable hard work of maintaining the relationship. That is, if you are searching for something more than the fireworks that cap off an awkward night of fumbling in the dark.
       What do we as artists need to strive for in order to ensure Australia is truly a culturally ambitious nation? Money on its own can not and will not generate positive change. Change requires time, and hard work, and groups of people willing to share a lifetime full of experiences. Naive and fanciful as it may seem spoken aloud or written down, but I truly believe that what we need is a renewed focus on personal connections and human relationships.