Currency House publishes Platform Papers, essays on the arts and cultural affairs. There are three editions.


Platform Papers – the original series

Platform Papers is a series of quarterly long essays that was published in paperback from 2004 to 2021. The essays were commissioned from practitioners and critics across the performing arts, to explore topical ideas, challenge old assumptions and propose new solutions, at length and in depth.

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The New Platform Papers

The New Platform Papers is the successor to the original series. It is published annually in a single volume. The first volume contains the final issue of the original series by Katharine Brisbane, and the first issue of the New Platform Papers, published under the directorship of her daughter, Harriet Parsons. Future volumes will contain three issues: two commissioned long essays and a collection of shorter essays and other writings from our new, annual convention of Platform Papers authors.
The cover is illustrated by an Australian contemporary artist and this volume is beautifully designed and printed for the pleasure of reading.

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Academic Online

Academic Online is an electronic edition available through university libraries and other institutions. A new format is in production now that is designed to be comfortable to read on screen and may be printed off in A4.

We receive a royalty on every download. We ask that our readers do not circulate copies but support us by downloading the pdfs from their library.

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