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Currency House Breakfast 'From the centre to the edge'

Currency House Breakfast 'From the centre to the edge'

David Redhill is a poet, a painter, a musician, and an ageing hippy. He’s also Partner and Chief Marketing Officer at Deloitte Australia, was the 2011 Australian Marketer of the Year, and has won international awards for writing, video production, creative direction, and organisational change. Throughout a career in journalism, finance, branding, and technology in several countries, David has used creative channels to help transform businesses. His part in building a culture of ‘playful with serious intent’ at one of Australia’s biggest professional services firms has been a key factor in its extraordinary turnaround from its status as the sector’s ‘sick puppy’, to a $1.1billion success known for innovation, digital disruption, and design thinking.


Event Date

Wednesday, 17 September, 2014 (All day)


Price: $60.00
Table of 8 for $45 per person