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Arts & Public Life Breakfast ‘Why must the show go on?’

Arts & Public Life Breakfast ‘Why must the show go on?’

John Bell, AM, OBE, Actor and director, Bell Shakespeare Company

Why must the show go on? From improvising a performance space in an old stable in Nimrod Street, Kings Cross, and seeing the company he created become the most influential theatre in Australia before sliding into bankruptcy and closure; to begin again, surviving further loss and fraud, steadily building the Bell Shakespeare Company into an internationally-celebrated Australian flagship. What does it feel like to be John Bell today? How has he mastered his increasing responsibilities, the competition, the risk management? Does he ever look back to the old days a free-lance actor and director, when survival was a day-to-day imperative? How does he see the future?

Event Date

Wednesday, 12 July, 2006 - 07:30


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