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Arts & Public Life Breakfast ‘Sense and censorbility’

Arts & Public Life Breakfast ‘Sense and censorbility’

Donald McDonald, AC, Director of the Classification Board, Chair of the ABC 1996–2006, former Chair of the ABC

The classification scheme in Australia’, says McDonald, ‘and the tools its members use, have evolved to provide for sensible and defensible decisions that also have regard to the ‘sensibilities’ of our community…The breadth of the Board’s task involves balancing these competing requirements along with the rights of artists to express themselves freely.’ Donald McDonald’s discreet manner and his steady hand on the ABC over ten turbulent years was honed by early experience in small independent arts companies and commercial theatre before setting his hand to building first the Sydney Theatre Company (1980–86) and then the Australian Opera (1987–96). These skills have stood him in good stead as an advocate for the arts to government and corporations; and a diplomat in Board reconciliations between artist and auditor.

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Wednesday, 26 September, 2007 - 07:30


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