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Arts & Public Life Breakfast ‘The arts—creativity and innovation’

Arts & Public Life Breakfast ‘The arts—creativity and innovation’

Dr Terry Cutler was introduced by Greg Smith (Director, Animal Logic)

Dr Terry Cutler, Principal of Cutler & Co, communications strategists, Chair of the Federal Government’s review of the national innovation system (2008).

The theatre director Peter Sellars has described the arts as providing ‘windows into realities under construction’, he said, and that phase encapsulates much of his message about innovation and the arts. First about the balkanisation of innovation, how the players operate too much in disconnected ghettos. We need to tear down the fences around innovation’s gated communities and build stronger linkages and platforms for collaboration. Then he drew attention to the role of the imagination in innovation, and how this imaginative solution-seeking role needs to complement the role of analysis. The imagination in the innovation process helps us to envision alternative futures. Next he reminded the audience of the growing role and importance of the creative economy across diverse industry sectors and lastly emphasised the need for innovation policy to acknowledge and actively incorporate the role of the creative and liberal arts.

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Tuesday, 19 August, 2008 - 19:00


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