Diversity and Inclusion: Building the Good Life in Australia

Jeremy Neideck, ‘Queer(y)ing the Australian Way of Life’ and Morwenna Collett, ‘More Risk, More Play: Creating an Inclusive Culture’

The New Platform Papers

Theatre-maker Jeremy Neideck, and senior arts consultant Morwenna Collett explore the imaginative work that still needs to be done in our arts and culture if Australia is to become a fully inclusive nation.

‘There is liberation to be found in queerer ways of being, knowing, understanding and animating the world’, writes Neideck. ‘Australia is a work-in-progress but also a country steeped in mythologies, but I think we have a chance of breaking the shackles of the cis-straight fantasy if we pay keen attention to those of us who are devoting their lives to the project of nationhood as creative practice.’

A former CEO of Accessible Arts, Morwenna Collett now advises dozens of Australia‚Äôs arts organisations and festivals. ‘Diversity is broader than race and gender’, she argues. ‘Embracing difference ensures we empower all our citizens to their full potential.’