From the Heart: The Voice, the Arts and Australian Identity

The New Platform Papers Volume 2

Three issues in one volume with an introduction by the General Editor, Julian Meyrick.

Issue no. 2: Arts, Culture and Country by Josephine Caust, published online in March, calls for a new approach to Australian arts policy in which arts, culture and country are one. Now with two additional essays: Noel Pearson’s call for a job guarantee for all Australians offers one viable model for answering the most pressing demand made by artists during the pandemic: a living wage. Tyson Yunkaporta, founder of the Indigenous Knowledge Systems Lab at Deakin University, responds to Caust’s call in a specially commissioned essay.

Issue no. 3: From the Heart: the imperative for the arts—the sector responds publishes the speeches from the second annual Authors Convention in July. Constitutional lawyer, Eddie Synot, artist Sally Scales and Artistic Director of Ilbijerri Theatre, Rachael Maza, consider how the Voice to Parliament should inform the proposed National Cultural Policy: how will it place ‘First Nations first’? With an introduction and summary of the Q&A by the Director of Currency House, Harriet Parsons.

Bonus Issue: Wesley Enoch’s landmark 2014 essay, Take Me To Your Leader: the dilemma of cultural leadership, reprinted.

Plus the Currency House submission on the National Cultural Policy and Season’s Greetings from our patron and founder, Katharine Brisbane.

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